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Murray new king of tennis

7 November, 2016 2

It is been coming for a while and we were talking about that in this column. The Scots Andy Murray is the new number one…

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Novak Djokovic vs. Stan Wawrinka


The forecast is always the same when Djokovic plays, Serbian´s victory, and this case is not an exception. True is that Wawrinka is playing well, his victories against Del Potro and Nishikori have been convincing, his performance at Grand Slam are often quite good and he is on a streak of 10 consecutive finals won, including two of Grand Slam. Factors to be taken into account but those factors are not enough to compensate the huge superiority that Djokovic comes showing last years which are reflected in their H2H balance, clearly favourable to the Serbian. Also, for once, the bookmakers give a surprising 1,33 for the victory of the number one. Perhaps the shoulder´s problems that the Serbian showed in the match with Monfils have could also influence. Anyway, we believe that this 1.33 is more than interesting.

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Upcoming matches

Upcoming tennis matches

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