I’m in Chicago doing a coaches course and I knew I couldn’t see the match because I’ll be doing the lectures for the coaches. But I knew how important was going to be the 4th of June for Spanish Tennis. On Saturday, Garbiñe, Feliciano and Marc won their first Grand Slam, they make history, they touch the glory of winning a big one, and the stories around it will stay forever on their archives. But the most important is how they did it? Beating the best female player ever and the best doubles team of the history, so the reward is double. Wining but doing it beating the best ever in your sport. Outstanding.

Spanish tennis was hurt, retirement of Rafa, loses of David, Nico, Fernando… no one last week could imagine we get 2 of the 4 cups. Spanish tennis is in the edge again. Garbine is young and her talent and results if she keeps the progression could make a difference, so for the ones we’re directly involved on Spanish Tennis success, that she won today is huge, Spanish tennis still modern. Huge news, thanks Garbine, she not only going to keep bringing young players from the world to train to Spain but also she has an aura that will motivate the young girls to do sport, she’s going to be a role model and her story is so nice that hopefully many will emulate her. So if young players get to our sport, she’ll improve the industry like Rafa has done in past.

On the other side Feliciano and Marc get a big reward to amazing careers, impressive stories as well. Feliciano finally found his half orange and got a big title at 34. Marc won before Masters but wining a slam is a big present. Both they deserve this cup. Sport always writes amazing stories and love this one because I know them and also because I admire them. So I want also to thank them for putting Spanish tennis on the front page.

A few days ago I wrote about the possible final, the dreamed final Djokovic-Murray, it’s going to be tomorrow in the toughest scenario in the world. The arena in Paris is dirt, the bounce of the bowl stops the game, and any tactic has to excel to have success. Roland Garros will have a new champion. Both will have an amazing opportunity to succeed.
Technically Djokovic has a slight advantage but both have all shots.

Tactically both are amazing. Maybe Djokovic has a bigger repertoire, defense, offense, strategy but Murray improved a lot in consistency on is very mature, his pattern is more determine and is very effective.

Physically, Djoko has been the model more flexible, endurance, power but he broke down in Rome and best of five we don’t know if he could maintain the level, he has a barrier form past and lost a few five setters. On the other side Andy recover in first rounds and show that physically he’s ready, he can play as long as he wants.

Mentally In my opinion on the MIND is where is going to be the difference. Whoever handles better his mind will be able to do their pattern longer, use their tools in key moments, last longer, create more opportunities, handle better the nervs and take the cup. Do Djoko will beat his barriers of always failing in Paris? He is in perfect situation, playing a player that he normally controls. Will Andy take the opportunity of not having nothing to lose? Will he handle his nerves when Djoko drive him to the edge? If Andy is aggressive consistently and not affected by being dominated at some stages, and if he’s capable on those moments to control his temper will have a chance.

Anyone can win in a final but I believe all the difference is going to be on the mindset and how each accepts the adversity of having a new challenge.  For the Industry At the end doesn’t matter who wins, the winner is going the tennis, always the new winner like happened today with Garbine is a new challenge and the tennis grows.

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