In this function we provide the ranking classifications of the players.

  • ATP Ranking.
  • TB Ranking.
  • All Time and Open Era Rankings.



All ATP published lists are available from the start of the ranking in 1973.

TB RANKING has created an unofficial ranking which we call TB ranking. This ranking has been created for two main reasons: first, because before 1973 there was not any official ranking, so TB lists classify players from 1877, something which had not been tried before in a systematic way and via a mathematical model. All the rankings previous to 1973 are subjective: experts opinions, historians, journalists, etc. The second reason is that the ATP has been changing the ranking rules over the course of time. That prevents a comparison between the performance of, for example, McEnroe in 1984 against Djokovic in 2015 since it was scored in different ways. With the TB ranking that is possible, since the preparation rules of the ranking are the same since 1877 until today. Thus, the TB ranking provides two things: the player’s classification prior to 1973 and a unique model of ranking which allows the comparison between players from different eras.


And we have made two inter-temporal ranking: one covering the open era, that is, since 1968 until now and another all-time. There are many attempts to make an all time classification in tennis (same as in the rest of the sports) but one is the most complete, adjusted and systematic that it has been done, because of the information which we have (which is all of the history) and because the model preparation, adjusted to 7 variables which collect the careers longevity of the players as well as the intensity of his domain. Elaboration ranking rules are available on the web.