In this function we incorporate whole issue of statistics at two levels: playing stats, where those game variables are calculated and which do not relate to the score of the match: aces, double faults, total service points won, total return points won, break points, etc. In results stats we refer to the own results of matches.

  • Playing Stats.
  • Results Stats.



Here are the statistics relating to actions during the matches (aces, percentage of serve or return points won, break points, etc.) The great added value of the function is based on the info management options, including all kind of filters such specific tournament, history of a tournament, surface, specific player, tournament category, time frame, players ranking, etc.


What we offer here is a series of statistics of matches won and lost according to a series of circumstances (after winning the first set, in the deciding set, against players of a particular level, at finals, etc). We also have filter options per year, surface, tournament category and type of tournament.