Analysing the great season that Novak Djokovic has made I have a special feeling. It seems that he has found an inner emotional stability that is giving these results, and is not the work of today. He has been many years looking for these sensations, chasing after them.

In my opinion, the entrance of Boris Becker in the team, which gave much to talk about at the beginning, and caused all kinds of comments on people, was rather shocking. But after the results leads me to think that the German has come very in to him. It seems to me that the two both feel very identified with each other. These are two huge players, peculiar and characteristic. And in some way Becker is the shadow of Djokovic, said positively and with all the respect in the world.

Both of them like the spectacle, the show, everything that goes beyond tennis. They like to be stars. And Novak feels very backed by Becker, who is helping him much in something vital in the sport: bringing fame, living with success, resolve professional acts. Boris helps him to enjoy and teaches him to manage all that was so difficult to handle when he became a ‘boom’, a global impact.

This season, Djokovic has done nothing else just to show what he can be, but one of the best, the best of the history. Since winning the 10th Grand Slam title has not stopped believing that he can achieve the best players. When he started this year he was in a very good shape but until the weeks and months were passing by he didn´t realize of the magnitude that his tennis had. For me he has become an almost indestructible player by the way he moves, know how to combine the aggressive play with the defensive, his mobility, and well above everything, and vital factor, for a peace that he has found with himself that he had not before, and unlimited ambition.

Demonstrate it not only his results but also his gestures. His faces, his way of acting on the court. It is very difficult to recognize whether he is winning or losing in a match. If the score is 2-1 in the first set, or 5-5 on the fifth set in a final of a Grand Slam. He has found an inner balance that you only have it when you know clearly what you want, and especially for what you dream. And that is what most impressed me from him.

He has learned a game system, even if he wins or loses a point he will continue with his routines. He doesn´t get perturbed and celebrates when he has to celebrate. He wastes no unnecessary energy, and even if we remember that moment when he is winning Grand Slam titles, his celebrations are very restrained. Gives the impression that his work is just starting, and he is at the beginning of his career.

His gestures are not of great joy. He is putting stone by stone the basis of a project to reach his ultimate goal. He will not express publicly but I am convinced that his objective will be to become number one in the history. The positive for his rivals is that we know that 2016 starts from zero for all players and they can reach him.

The same would not happen if we had the bi-annual ranking, as has been defended at times. If so he would be unreachable. On this occasion the established system may be beneficial so the circuit can keep the excitement. Just the same which he has signed this season.

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