To speak about Novak Djokovic results during the season 2015 could be very large therefore I remind his most important results only: Novak won this year 3 Grand Slam titles (Australian, Wimbledon and US Open) and won 11 titles, so he is only the player to do so within one season! Historically he become a third player behind Rod Laver and Roger Federer who played finals in all four Grand Slam events through one calendar year!

In his age 28 has still very good chance to win much more…to reach more Grand Slam titles! Why? Because he show his dominance in China Open, that he was able to win this event without losing a set…! His game to compare to his other rivals (Federer, Nadal or Murray) is still improving by getting better and better. Simply his improvement is shown! His serve placements and specially his service-return is far the best due to his quick reaction and high percentage of his total number of returns during the matches. His mental fitness, which include deep concentration at specialy important points is obvious. His physical fitness is the best from all other top ten players – his rivals. The way he driving his matches smartly not giving easy points to his opponents by keeping the ball in the game with longer rallies without errors, waiting for his chances. He is confident a smart sufficiently to know, that his movement on the court is great advantage. His opponents losing the patience starting to panic, try to use extraordinary strokes, which are not most of the time so successful and hitting errors! Besides that, Novak is able to attack lately, move quickly to the net also, because he improved his net game too, started to use drop-volleys or drop-shots more often. Simply Novak is able to change rhythm-tempo, which most of the players do not like!

What started to show his dominance now? In short he is able to produce his great game performance on any surfaces indoor or outdoor, simply as world around player. Somebody can comment his Roland Garros frustration, but Novak proved his clay court class already by winning events like Rome, Monte Carlo or Madrid. To succeed and win Roland Garros is question of time for him, I think. Roger Federer could be good example for him and both players early found out, that French Open at Roland Garros could be the most difficult Grand Slam event to win. Best of five sets on clay is real physical test with mental fitness of patience due to slower clay and break through of yourself during longer matches. This event is test of almost everything: of will, cleverness, certainties of strokes, test of legs, deftness, desire and appetence to win the title.

By winning the ATP Tour finals in London last week Djokovic again redecorate his dominance when after losing in the group battle with Federer he was able to concentrate again to show his mental power again in last two matches with Nadal and Federer. Both this matches clearly showed who is the king of the game now . In my opinion Novak Djokovic with his ATP ranking points will keep his “number one” for another, maybe two-three years, if he is not hit by injury…

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